Why use me as your mortgage broker?

  1. Its FREE !!… I am paid by the bank once your home loan is settled, so it will not cost you anything.
  2. I deal with all the major banks and second tier lenders. You may have some historic credit issues, and second tier lenders can provide short term solutions to assist with obtaining that dream home.
  3. My advice is impartial, I have no loyalty with any one bank, we tailor a package that suits your individual needs.
  4. I personally am available outside of normal working hours. You won’t have to take time off work to make an appointment with the bank. I will come and see you at your home or over a coffee, at a time and place that suits you.
  5. The banks lending criteria is changing constantly, and as an advisor I keep up with all those changes. Hence I know which is the best bank to send your application depending on the changing criteria and your requirements.
  6. I am committed to helping you understand the process which can be daunting. I can offer advice if required with making an offer on a property, liaising with your solicitor, referring you to building inspectors and everything in between.
  7. I rely heavily on referrals, this is what grows my business, so client service and delivery is paramount. You will not be left disappointed.! I am also acting on your behalf not the banks so you are my priority.
  8. I am a specialist in the field of lending, so I know my stuff !!…and you are only dealing with one person through the process making it easier to make direct contact when required and discuss the big questions and the trivial ones!
  9. You are still eligible for any bank incentives and special rates on offer, including cash contributions to assist with solicitors fees, valuations etc.
  10. Individual Brokers apply for millions of dollars worth of lending every month so the banks are wanting to appease the business they receive from brokers as much as any applicant.

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